Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is optional in legal terms, but it may be necessary for your peace of mind. This type of insurance protects your boat and crew while you are on the water. There are different types of coverage available depending on the plan you choose. Most boat insurance policies cover medical bills for you and your crew if:

  • The injury occurred in an accident that you cause,
  • Financial liability for damages resulted in an accident that you cause, and
  • Medical bills for people outside the boat that get injured in a boat accident that you cause.

Other services include coverage when your boat is involved in an accident that you did not cause with a pier, dock (or another similar object), coverage for theft, vandalism, weather hazard and coverage for boat equipment.

Bishop Insurance personalizes their boat insurances to fit your needs and requirements. So if you are looking for a boat insurance that is cost-effective and provides the exact coverage you need, contact us for a quote. One of our agents will explain the different plans available and additional services.

Pair your boat insurance with one of our other insurances available to take advantage of special prices and payment plans.