Franklin, TN Insurance

Williamson County is located in Nashville, Tennessee as part of the Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin Metropolitan Area. It was established in 1799, and currently has 205,226 inhabitants within its 584 square miles.

As one of the major cities in Greater Nashville Area, Franklin holds the Williamson County seat in Tennessee, and is the seventh-largest city in Tennessee. Named after Benjamin Franklin, the city has a rich history, having witnessed key-events in American history. For example, the Battle of Franklin devastated the city and transformed almost every building. Over 120 years later, the city was restored to its former glory and is now living in its golden age. Tourists can visit sites from the Battle of Franklin, the Carnton Plantation and the Carter House, as well as many other historical places in the city that preserve the pre-War atmosphere.

Starting in the 1980s, Franklin witnessed a demographic increase. Currently, the city has 68,886 inhabitants (according to 2013 census) and a density of 1,393.3 per square mile. Franklin is a young and bustling city, with a median age of 33. This can be seen in the active city life, as well as in the growing business sector. The city perfectly combines the old southern charm with the big-city lifestyle, so that it has something to offer everyone.

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